Heart Rate Monitors

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

I have been using these since 1995 and highly recommend using one to keep you on track. With my dance background, I’m used to cardio that is so intense it pushes into the anaerobic zone. Not always a good thing. The heart rate monitor helps keep me in check and working out in a proper zone. The right zone is different for everybody depending on factors like sex, age, weight and what your goals are. You can read up on how to determine your heart rate without a monitor here.

A monitor might be something you need to save up for, but they are truly a smart investment. Sure, I can take my pulse on my own, and know where I am on the RPE scale at any moment, but there is nothing like having the concrete data right there. I have taken classes from the experts that do the testing put into these products and nobody else does it like Polar. They are the pioneers and the best in the heart rate monitor business.

Currently using the FT80. It’s a higher end model, but all the models Polar makes are great. I can’t live without it. In fact, my sister once joked that she will make sure I’m buried with my heart rate monitor when I die. My family gets me.


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I Have Some Thinking To Do

I haven’t written because I’ve been feeling torn on what my clear direction will be. Yes, I want to critique home workout videos because they can be great for so many people who don’t know where they’re headed with a fitness routine. But I wonder if that’s staying true to myself. Home workout videos are something that would be fun to critique, but it’s my least frequent type of fitness. My passion is my fitness, but my workouts are normally done in the weight room.

I have some more thinking to do…

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Welcome To Fit Fizz!

I have thought long and hard about starting a blog. I wanted it to be about something that I have some knowledge of that others could find useful. I want to give my opinions. Believe me, I have some strong ones. I have a background in dance and fitness but there are so many general fitness blogs out there. Hmmm…so what can I blog about? The best fitness blogs and websites are by the role models we all admire so much…ToscaJamieAlicia Marie, and many more. I couldn’t possibly contribute anything that even comes close to their knowledge. Recently it finally hit me. I will blog about workout videos!

I am what some might call a gym junkie. The gym is favorite place to be other than sleeping. You can find me there when others are socializing, partying and celebrating holidays. However, for the past 20 years I have also been a consistent user of home workout videos. I even used to do them in high school before school just for fun. (although I loathed gym class for various reasons.) I use them to mix things up, when I just don’t have time to drive to the gym or when don’t feel like creating my own home work but need to get an effective workout in. With various fitness certifications under my belt, and 15 years of teaching experience, I am HIGHLY critical of what I see on home workout videos and I plan to share it with you.

Other things will be shared too…workout pet peeves, workout tips and who knows what other types of tidbits. I think my Facebook friends are getting sick of me always talking about fitness and my many quirks that go along with it so this is where I plan to let it all out!

Let’s do this.

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