I am a graphic designer by day and fitness junkie by night. And weekends. And holidays. And other moments in between. Thinking, planning, reading, doing, dreaming…fitness. I can’t get enough.

I have done home workout videos for about 20 years and been a certified fitness instructor for 15 years. I look forward to my gym time, but home workout videos are one way I like to keep workouts interesting. In a way, I guess I have always been on a quest to find excellent videos that will challenge me, keep my interest and leave me feeling like I accomplished something worthwhile.

As a fitness instructor and also a former Chicago Luvabull (dance team for the Chicago Bulls), you can be sure I expect videos to have interesting choreography and instructors that can follow a beat.

While in the gym, I typically lift heavier than most females. Don’t let this scare you. For the gym-freaks out there (yes, they like to be called that)…don’t let this scare you either. A truly great video will challenge all fitness levels. I hope my advice will help and inspire YOU. Male or female. Young or old. Healthy or with health issues. Underweight or overweight. Athletic or sick-of-being-sedentary. I hope to inspire people at both ALL of the fitness spectrum.

Other than that, I love obsessively organizing and spending time with my family. My mom is my inspiration. She is a very active “senior” and I hope I can get her to contribute some inspiration on my blog. I love you, MOM!


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  • 1. Rebecca Rider  |  August 7, 2012 at 6:15 pm

    New subscriber – looking forward to reading more!

  • 2. fitfizz  |  August 7, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    Thanks Rebecca!


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